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DeWitt Chiropractor : Dr. Ron Hill

“My motorcycle needed a body shop and so did I”

DeWitt Chiropractor, Dr. Ron Hill

DeWitt Chiropractor, Dr. Ron Hill

A motorcycle accident. Yes, my motorcycle needed a body shop and so did I. This was the time I was first introduced to chiropractic. It was such a wonderful experience I decided to become a chiropractor.

I traveled from Alberta, Canada to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. Early in my studies a technique call Gonstead came to my attention. For further technique instruction I traveled to the famous Gonstead Clinic in Mt. Horeb, WI. This technique was very specific with spinal adjusting and extremity work.

A dentist looks for cavities. A chiropractor looks for subluxations. A subluxation means your back is out of place. We fix subluxations and also do wellness care to prevent them.

My wife, Sally and I enjoy traveling to antique stores, gardening and dining out. We are active in our community and church. I served as president of our local Chamber of Commerce in the year 2005-2006.

Sally and I enjoy an active lifestyle. We choose our diet carefully with emphasis on fruits and vegetables. I also take vitamin and mineral supplements regularly along with fish oils.

Stop at the office for a free consultation or give us a call.. Let’s talk some “back talk” and see if we can help you!

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